Wido's Explorer Coords


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With version 1.2 the addon is comatible with all languages!

This addon shows on the Worldmap and Minimap all coords left to explore for the explorer achivement. It only show the approx coords not exactly the point, it is meant to give a clue where togo, because some parts to discover are hardly to see on the map.

All the coords coming directly from the gameclient data and show the center of those subzones.

No setup needed just extract it into the addon folder and activate it.

In the Interface->Addon->Explorer Coords section you can turn on/off showing the waypoints on the worldmap/minimap, by default the minimap option is disabled.

Because some ppl asked how to let the icons always show:

You can do a little edit in the ExplorerCoords.lua file, just comment out the following lines: 205,207,237 and you will see them always, commenting works with putting in front.