Wido's WoW Token Watch


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The addon checks on login and after that every minute if the WoW Token prices were changed, if so then it shows a window with the new price and how much it changed compared to the last price in percentages, if the price increased it is shown red, if it decreased it is show green.

Additionally there is a buyout button to allow to buyout an token, it will throw an error right now after you confirm the buyout but it does work, I tested this, you dont need to be at the auctionhouse to use it

Hold down the left button to move the window to the position of your likeing.

You can help to translate the addon into your language at:


  • window popup on price change
  • showing the actual price
  • showing price change in percentage
  • simply click buy and confirm the buy to buy an wow token no matter where you are
  • hold left mouse button to move the window to the position you want it
  • databroker support left click for buyout / right click to open the config
Slash commands available use /wtw or /wowtokenwatch:
  • show - shows the window
  • pause - don't show the window until you either use resume or the session ends, the prices will still be updated
  • resume - show the window again on price change
  • config - show the configuration window
  • delay showing the window in combat until it ended
  • dont show the window popup on price change
  • only show the window popup if price is under a certain price
  • only show the window popup if price is above a certain price
  • invert colors, showing the percentage as green if price goes up and red if goes down, this is kinda meant for people who wanna sell instead of buying